07 December, 2008

Christmas Pictures

So these are our family's Christmas pictures. Alicia, from our ward, took these. She did such a great job. Kennedy was definately the hardest to get a good picture from. She had a hard time looking at the camera and smiling. Alex knows how to make the most innocent of all faces. He smiles his most winning smile and tilts his head to the side. Where did he learn that?

01 December, 2008

The Sorensen Outlaws

We took this in Virgina City. It was so fun and Alex absolutely loved it! He wanted to do it again! I know that I am the only one smiling in the picture, but in my defense, the lady said for the girls to smile and well, Kennedy didn't.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is our "very unfancy" Thanksgiving dinner. Alex loved the wishbone and buried and unburied it a million times with the help of Grandma. We had such a fun time with David's parents and Katie. Alex and Kennedy loved to have Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Katie, and Benji for 4 whole days! We are sure glad they were able to come down and visit us!

Our trip to Virgina City

While David's parents and Katie were down for Thanksgiving, we to a little trip to Virgina City. We had a blast. My favorite part was walking through the old cemetary. I know, I am a little morbid, but it was so interesting to see all of these YOUNG people from all over the world buried from this interesting time period.

23 November, 2008

Twilight Movie Review

My friend Kendall and I went to see Twilight last night. I heard that it was a low budget movie and the acting wasn't the greatest, so I purposely went expecting nothing. (I usually do this anyway). I actually LOVED it! I thought it was great! I know that it was low budget, you can tell, but I thought they stuck to the book pretty darn well. They couldn't explain everything as well as in the book, obviously. I was very aprehensive about the "Edward" they chose. I really didn't think he looked like my Edward, but as they movie progressed, both Kendall and I were drooling a little. So ladies, just give him a chance. I was euphorically happy the entire movie (just as I was while reading the book). The only bad thing I have to say is that I will have such a hard time waiting for the rest of the movies to come out! I wish that they would film them closer together so we don't have to wait such a long time. I heard that a big producer, like Paramount, declined doing Twilight, so it went to a lower budgeted company. I bet they feel stupid now. I hope they have more money for the next ones!

02 November, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Alex was Captain Hook this year and Kennedy was supposed to be Tinkerbell, but because of the cold weather, she wore Alex's lion costume instead. She sure was a cute lion though!

Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating was so fun this year. Alex was the pro, teaching Kennedy how it is done. Kennedy would go up to the door with Alex and when Alex got something in his bucket, Kennedy always turned to leave too. She didn't quite understand what we were doing. David and I were laughing because of the way little Kennedy was toddling around, barely going anywhere in her big puffy costume holding onto her bucket, just following her big brother. After a little while she noticed the suckers in her bucket and imediately had to have one before she continued any further. Alex would knock on the door and yell "Trick or Treat!" before anyone came to the door, and if they weren't there within 20 seconds he would say, "I don't think they are home". I think that Alex actually had as much fun answering our door and passing out the candy at our house. He would run to the door yelling "Here we come!" And he would tell the kids "Have a nice day." He is very polite. Then he would come back to the couch and tell me what costumes they were wearing while we were watched Ghost Hunters Live. David rigged up our strobe light, fog machine and he had scary music playing in our entry way. It was a great Halloween!

Halloween Party at School

This was Alex's Halloween party at his school. There were some really great costumes. Mr. Incredible is Alex's best bud Kai. The lady in the penguin costume is Alex's teacher, Mrs. Howard. She is fantastic with the kids. Alex actually LIKES to practice his letters now!!! He didn't want anything to do with that before. Yea for school!

26 October, 2008

Please pray for baby Henry

My family has had some sad news. My cousin Matt's, whom I'm very close with, little boy Henry's had to be life-flighted to Primary Children's Hospital a couple of days ago. Henry's red blood cells were being torn apart by his own vascular system. It was triggered by a toxin released from the pneunomia bacteria, the rare disease is known as HUS. HUS or Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome is a serious problem that is usually produced from the e-coli bacteria, but Henry has been diagnosed with the rare P-HUS.The main problem is kidney failure. Henry's kidneys have stopped working because they are swollen and the broken blood cells plug them up. Henry is in critical, but stable, condition. Matt and Alisa are such strong people. They have such great faith and they are staying very positive. If you want to check out his care page the website is: carepages.org He is under Prince Henry. We are praying for a miracle. Please keep Henry in your prays. Miracles do happen.

19 October, 2008


My sister-in-law Sara tagged me a while ago and I'm finally getting to it. Sorry Sara!
8 t.v. shows I love to watch:
90210 (I know, I know, but I'm addicted)
The Office
The Bacholor/The Bacholorette
Ghost Hunters
So you think you can dance ( I secretly want to audition)
Big Bang Theory
2 and a Half Men (I know I have more than 8, but I could seriously keep going)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
The Olive Garden
Cheesecake Factory
Taco Bell
Baja Fresh

8 Things that happened yesterday:
Woke Up
Set up tables at church
Helped people with their projects at Super Saturday
Took David food at work
Passed out on couch for 30 minutes while both of my kids were up and destroying the house
Helped David decorate the front yard for Halloween
Watched "You don't mess with the Zohan" with David (that was a raunchy Adam Sandler movie, I don't think I would suggest it)

8 things I am looking forward to:
Thanksgiving (David's parents are coming)
Christmas (My family's coming)
Kennedy going into Nursury
Going to the gym tomarrow
Going to a cool rock concert with David
Paying off student debt (that will be a million years away!)
Going on a vacation with just my hubbie
Going shopping without the kids!

8 things I love about fall:
The leaves
Scary movies
Sweater weather
Trick-or-treating with the kids
Kids' costumes
Decorating for Halloween
Family picture time!

8 things on my wish list:
Expensive pair of jeans
Children old enough not to throw tantrums
Living close to my mom
Going on a cruise with David
Paying off debt!
(I honestly can't think of anything else)

6 people I'm tagging:
My mom
Sara Larson

I'm back.....

I have not blogged for a while. I have been working on Super Saturday stuff for a few months now, but the moment finally came yesterday. For the past 2 weeks I have been cutting vinyl like a mad women. The counselor in the relief society presidency who helps me with enrichment, was sooooo awsome. She ran around and bought all of the supplies. There is no way I could have done it without her. She has a daughter Alex's age, and they get along really well. So everytime she came over, our kids played together. I'm just really greatful it's all over. I feel like a big weight is off my back. I had someone tell me that next month we should do another craft day with all Christmas stuff! I was like, "no, maybe next year". I don't think people realize that I have been working on this since the summer! But, it turned out fabulous, and I feel like I could sleep all day.

First Day of School

So this week, Alex started preschool. I have been looking forward to this for a LONG time, but the day before his school started I was feeling a little scared. I have no idea why, because he has been asking to go to school for a while now. The first day, the parents could stay the whole time. I was planning on it, but Alex was fine. He was having a great time. The next day, when I dropped him off he said "you can leave now mom." He is very independent. I guess that is a good thing.

05 October, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

So last night, David and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour. It was a blast! We had great seats. We got to see everyone right up close. There were people there with posters and everything. I told David that next time, we are going to make a poster and bring it! David told me that I was a nerd. My favorite dancer to watch was Courtney, even thought I think that Katie is the best girl. I also really like Chelsea when she dances latin, but in the group dances, she is the weakest. David really likes Twitch. He is definately cool. They totally played up Gev liking Courtney, and she kept saying, "I already told you that I have a boyfriend." We all went "OHHHHH". Anyway, it was tons of fun and my wonderful husband was such a good sport to go with me. I'm trying to get him to take a salsa class with me. That might take a little bit more convincing!

28 September, 2008

San Fransisco

"If you're going to San Fransisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." That was definately the theme to our San Fransisco trip. We went with our friends, Eric, Nicole and their baby Alexis. David and Eric litterally thought that every guy that lives in this city is gay. It was kind-of funny. Our friend Jason sings that song in his "male-femmine" voice, and it is hillarious! Anyways, we had a good time. David and Eric were going to go to a San Jose Sharks game, but had the dates messed up. We are going to go again though!

Alcatraz Island

This is David and Alex standing in solatary confinement. Alex thought he was really cool with his own recorder for the tour. Also, this is Alex and Kennedy looking in the regular jail cell. There was only room for your bed. I don't think you could have even laid out on the floor. It was an amazing place!

San Fransisco Aquarium

The kids loved the aquarium. We even got to pet sting rays and little tiger sharks.

Fun in the Sun

If you notice, Kennedy is bone dry. Alex and David were the only ones brave enough to get into the water. It was FREEZING! But, Alex just jumps and then screams like a girl! He is so funny!

14 September, 2008

More trip pictures

Alex and Kennedy just LOVE staying in hotels. They get so excited. The top picture is them on the couch with their beloved blankets. Kennedy is a funny girl. She was petrified of all of the masked characters. She would scream and claw me.

Disneyland Trip!

We just got home from Disneyland! We had such a fun time. On Monday and Tuesday David's parents were able to come with us and then on Wed, Thur, and Fri my parents and Haley and Jeff came with us. It was the perfect time to go. We had NO lines. The longest wait we had was the new Toy Story ride and that was still only 20 minutes. We were able to see everything almost in a day. It was the best time! Alex is a little daredevil. He went on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, the Mattahorn, Big Thunder etc.. Anything he could meet the height requirement, he went on... with the exception of the Tower of Terror, which he wanted to go on, but I thought that would freak him out. So yes, that is Alex with pom-poms in the first picture. Our photographer had them there, and Alex couldn't resist.

29 August, 2008

Dog Sitting

So this weekend we are dog sitting our friend's Chow. His name is Bear and he is such a great dog. The kids LOVE him! Alex actually DIDN'T want to go to the gym today because he wanted to stay home and play with bear. (I was like... "too bad, we're still going") He plays with him constantly. They are really good buds. Kennedy just adores him and follows him around everywhere. David is not sold on Bear. He is getting testy because he keeps coming in the house and his hair is getting everywhere. I love him because he keeps the kids entertained and Alex hasn't said "I'm bored" once today! It's a miracle!!! I want to get a dog for the kids... I just have to talk David into it.

28 August, 2008


This is Kennedy waiting for us by the door. I thought she looked too cute, so I took a picture... no story attached. I know what you're thinking... "What the heck is up with Heidi's camera skills?" Well, I'm not very good. We just barely had an enrichment meeting teaching us how to take better pictures and this is how much I learned. Sorry....

Holy cow--- it's an owl!

We just drove up to our house and there is this huge owl hanging out on our ledge! I have really never seen an owl up close. I thought they lived in the forest or something. He is quite scarey up close. He was staring us down blinking his huge eyes with his huge claws. I thought he was going to swoop down and either attacks us or drop us a note. I know it's a little lame that I'm affraid of an owl, but if you would have seen him, you would be affraid too!