16 June, 2008

Alex- The Deer Whisperer

This was definately the coolest thing that happened while we camped. A deer approached David while we were cleaning up our food. He wanted him to feed him. We got Alex out of the car and he feed him the rest of our graham crackers. The deer was so tame. It was really wild!

Camping Fun

So we decided to take our family for the first time camping. Yea! We were so excited. We had visions of grandour. Well, it was not what we had imagined it to be. Kennedy is walking (well, walking across anything that she can grab onto), and she does not like to be carried around like Alex used to. She wanted to get down, and there was really nothing for her to hold onto. She kept picking up things in the ground and getting filthy. Alex was whinning about going fishing but his rod was broken. There was just ALOT of crying and whinning. We were going insane! I was like a weird-o mom who was whipping the kids face and hands with baby wipes every 2 minutes. We got up at 5:30 am-- thanks Kennedy, and we were freezing! We were like "what should we do now?" We decided to just call it a day and packed up our stuff. Enough Family Fun for one day!

Ready for church

Here are some pretty cute kids. We love them so much!