27 July, 2008

Pioneer Day Celebration

This was a Reno wide Pioneer Day Party. That is Alex above in a horse race. If you are wondering where the other contestants are... well, he was in last place. F

Swimming fun

This is Alex having a ball in our kiddie pool that we have in the backyard. Kennedy, one the other hand, would cry everytime Alex splashed her, which was every second. So, after laughing about it for a while, we had some sympathy and got her out of the pool.

Happy Birthdat Kennedy!

So, I am not winning any awards for my blogging. It took me a couple of weeks to finally put Kennedy's birthday pictures up. Poor little Kennedy. She is such a sweet girl, and as a result gets a little neglected. She is a walking machine and loves to investigate everything she can reach and get into. She loves Alex and is so happy that she can finally follow Alex around and copy what he does. We are so blessed to have Kennedy in our family.

13 July, 2008

I love grandma!!!

My mom is so great to Alex and Kennedy. She sends them packages every so often. When Alex got this one, he kept hugging it and saying "I love my grandma." It was too cute. Thanks mom for loving Alex and Kennedy so much!

Family Home Evening Fun!

Here I am trying to give the FHE lesson. As you can see, my attempts were in vain. Oh well, a few a them were paying attention... that counts, right?

Hiking Adventures

Here is some of the pictures of our hiking excursion. The hike itself was very short and easy, but the fun of playing with cousins in the woods... priceless!

Aunt Sara'a Balloon Popping Game

This was quite fun to watch and made a few kids cry. It looks like Alex was being taunted in this picture!

Fun on the River

These are some pictures of us floating down the river. We had a blast, and we even saw 2 moose! The picture of the 2 kyaks ( I know that is not spelled right, I can't even think of how it is spelled... I hate when that happens!) is David, Rileigh, and Rhett on one and Andy, Cole and Darby on the other. They collided here and we had a great time heckling them as a result! How nice of us.