29 August, 2008

Dog Sitting

So this weekend we are dog sitting our friend's Chow. His name is Bear and he is such a great dog. The kids LOVE him! Alex actually DIDN'T want to go to the gym today because he wanted to stay home and play with bear. (I was like... "too bad, we're still going") He plays with him constantly. They are really good buds. Kennedy just adores him and follows him around everywhere. David is not sold on Bear. He is getting testy because he keeps coming in the house and his hair is getting everywhere. I love him because he keeps the kids entertained and Alex hasn't said "I'm bored" once today! It's a miracle!!! I want to get a dog for the kids... I just have to talk David into it.

28 August, 2008


This is Kennedy waiting for us by the door. I thought she looked too cute, so I took a picture... no story attached. I know what you're thinking... "What the heck is up with Heidi's camera skills?" Well, I'm not very good. We just barely had an enrichment meeting teaching us how to take better pictures and this is how much I learned. Sorry....

Holy cow--- it's an owl!

We just drove up to our house and there is this huge owl hanging out on our ledge! I have really never seen an owl up close. I thought they lived in the forest or something. He is quite scarey up close. He was staring us down blinking his huge eyes with his huge claws. I thought he was going to swoop down and either attacks us or drop us a note. I know it's a little lame that I'm affraid of an owl, but if you would have seen him, you would be affraid too!

26 August, 2008

Sorensen Family Pictures

These are the pictures taken at our reunion a couple of months ago. It was impossible to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time, and without squinting at the sun. The top picture was one of the 2 taken that our kids were looking at the camera. Of course they weren't looking at the camera for our individual family pictures... I guess we can't expect a miracle!

19 August, 2008

Lake Tahoe

We went to Lake Tahoe on Friday. Alex always has so much fun. He grabs onto David's shoulders and David swims around with him on his back. He doesn't seem to mind the cold water. Kennedy, on the other hand, cried every time the water hit her feet. I don't blame her though, the water is ALWAYS icy cold. But, Kennedy did love to dig around in the sand. That kept her busy the whole time.

07 August, 2008

Twillight Fans???

O.K., so I just finished the latest book in the Twillight series... I can't remember what it's called though... Breaking Dawn? or something like that. Anyways... it was FABULOUS!!!! It was my favorite! It is the last one though... but it ended so good and made me feel so happy! I goosebumps thinking about it. Isn't that stupid? But it was great. I just had to share that with you!

02 August, 2008

Proud Moment

I had to post this because I thought it was so darn cute. I'm giving this to my friend who's having a girl. I'm not very crafty, I just steal ideas.... basically just from Sara. I am enrichment leader and I am working on Super Saturday Crafts and I would be totally screwed if it were not for Sara. Thanks Sara!!!

01 August, 2008

Happy Birthday David!

I am a few days late, but Happy Birthday David! I am so lucky to have David for a husband and Alex and Kennedy are so lucky to have him for a dad. He is such a great person and I'm so glad that I married my best friend. We love you David!
SO GUESS WHAT?!! David is a licensed pharmacist!!! We just found out that he passed all of his boards and he is completely done with all of this stupid studying!!! Yea!!! Congrats David, we are so proud of you!