07 December, 2008

Christmas Pictures

So these are our family's Christmas pictures. Alicia, from our ward, took these. She did such a great job. Kennedy was definately the hardest to get a good picture from. She had a hard time looking at the camera and smiling. Alex knows how to make the most innocent of all faces. He smiles his most winning smile and tilts his head to the side. Where did he learn that?

01 December, 2008

The Sorensen Outlaws

We took this in Virgina City. It was so fun and Alex absolutely loved it! He wanted to do it again! I know that I am the only one smiling in the picture, but in my defense, the lady said for the girls to smile and well, Kennedy didn't.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is our "very unfancy" Thanksgiving dinner. Alex loved the wishbone and buried and unburied it a million times with the help of Grandma. We had such a fun time with David's parents and Katie. Alex and Kennedy loved to have Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Katie, and Benji for 4 whole days! We are sure glad they were able to come down and visit us!

Our trip to Virgina City

While David's parents and Katie were down for Thanksgiving, we to a little trip to Virgina City. We had a blast. My favorite part was walking through the old cemetary. I know, I am a little morbid, but it was so interesting to see all of these YOUNG people from all over the world buried from this interesting time period.