29 July, 2009

Happy Birthday David!!!

Today is David's birthday! He is 30 years old!!!! That is OLD! (I shouldn't say that though, because 30 is my next birthday too!) I feel bad because I just remembered it last night! Our calander is packed up and I feel out of it without looking at it everyday. We took him lunch and balloons while he was at work today, though. I'm so lucky that he is my husband. He is so wonderful to me and the kids. We have so much fun together. He is the best! Happy Birthday David!

28 July, 2009


So, I have no pictures of the ciaos, because my camera is packed (along with everything else). But we are moving. We have to be out of our house on Friday, and we are buying a house that hasn't closed yet. We are praying it will close on Friday, or even Monday. I I think we are going to stay in a hotel this weekend, and bum off of some good friends in our ward. We have had 5 people offer their house to us while we wait for our house to close. Don't we have the best ward ever??? I think we do! Anyway, pray for us that we will not be homeless for too long. :)

19 July, 2009

Happy Birthday Kennedy!!!

We took Kennedy and some friends to Fuddruckers and then we rode the ferris wheel at Scheels. (That made me so sick. I used to be a little daredevil, but now everything makes me scared and sick. I guess that's a sign that I'm getting old :(

Kennedy is now 2 years old! She is a beautiful little firecracker of fun! She is always making us laugh with her clever dance moves, her way of explaining things with her hand flips and head gestures, and the way she copies, pretty much everything Alex does! We love our little Kennedy and we are blessed that she is in our family!

12 July, 2009

Treasure Hunt/ Spook the kids, fun for the parents

We had a treasure hunt for the kids one night. We had my mother-in-law, Joyce, tell the kids a story about some lost treasure and she warned them about bears and the bear poop that uncle Howard had found in the woods behind the cabin. We told them what to do if they ran into a bear. So, needless the say the kids had bears in their head. One stop of the treasure hunt included getting pelted by water balloons as they tried to pass, which I thought was the funniest thing I had ever thought of. And it proved to be a great memory, but the one the takes the cake was when Howard hid in the trees covered with a brown blanket and emerged growling. The kids took off faster than I thought possible and continued to run even though we were busting a gut. The look on little Preston's face was something that I will never forget.
Our family reunion was sooo much fun. It made me really miss having my sisters-in-law living close to me. Good times!

Truckee Parade

What's the Fourth of July without an awesome parade? Well, this one was less than desirable. We were all prepared with the 20 Wall-Mart sacks we brought, hoping for the best. The poor kids probably took home 4 pieces of candy each. They have been taught very well by my 2 cute sister-in laws, and myself, "the art of obtaining optimal candy surplus at a parade event". We yell at every car that goes by. We yell a flattering sentence to them using their company name or slogan, and that puts us in favor of the sympathy candy throw-out. Well something went amiss. We haven't figured out went exactly wen wrong. It could be the plunging economy, it could be just a simple candy shortage, I mean, who knows??? Do you see Sponge Bob on the picture? Well, I still laugh thinking about it. Everyone was so excited to see Sponge Bob Square Pants coming toward us. Little Preston's eyes lit up with excitement. He rushed up to him and was nearly BOWLED over by this 2nd rate impostor. Little Preston shocked and sad eyes were immediate as he rushed to the comfort of his mother, cute Sara, who was laughing the same as I. Ahhh, good times....

Lake Tahoe

We spent one day on the south shore of Lake Tahoe. We had sooo much fun! The kids swam and dug and buried. David and our nephews Rhett and Cole swam out far, crawdad hunting. Me and Kennedy hung out digging and strolling down the shore, and then digging some more. She had a blast! We named our pet crawdad, Mr. Crab, which name I made up, which all the kids thought was hilarious... (I'm pretty proud of myself, as you can see). No Howard... put Mr. Crab down!!!

Squaw Valley

We played at Squaw Valley one day. It was soooo amazingly beautiful!!! The cable car ride up to the top was super scary, but the view just took your breath away. We swam at the top and even hiked around a little bit. -- Yes Alex, of course that snow looks drinkable! :) I love the kids' faces in our family picture! Priceless!!!

Family Reunion in Truckee

As you can see, this air-tubular-thing was a BIG sucess! Good purchase Susan!

17 May, 2009

Fun at the park

We took the kids to Rancho San Rafael on Saturday. That happens to be the most beautiful park I have ever seen. We stayed on the garden side of the park. The kids had such a great time. It was so fun exploring the gardens. Alex and Kennedy were on the lookout for bunny rabbits. They tracked several of them down. Kennedy didn't quite know why they wouldn't let her pet them. My mom tried, in vain, to take some great pictures of the kids. She found out quickly that it was an impossible task. But, the picture of the kids at the top was a lucky shot!

Alex's New Bike

My parents got Alex a new bike for his birthday. He loves it! He wants to practice all the time! He picked out a cool blue and neon green Hot Wheels bike. He looks very cool riding around the street. Go Alex!

10 May, 2009

Alex's Birthday Party

Alex's Birthday Party was yesterday. It was quite the event. We had a lot of kids and a lot of fun! Alex kept saying "That was such a fun party mom!" I had to agree with that statement. My friends Julie, Yojana, and Kendall were all here helping with everything! I love them! Then when the kids left, the adults had just as much fun on the bounce house as the kids did! Julie and I were showing each other the cool tricks we could do, and I (with my mind fully thinking and aware) did a handstand with a forward flip at the end. My head was going to explode! I used to be able to roll and such, but now my head gets sooo sick! I guess I'm just too old to be flipping! Then later on last night, my girlfriends and I went to see "17 Again"with Zac Efron. We liked it very well!

04 May, 2009

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Today is Alex's Birthday!!! He is 4 years old! I can't believe how big he is getting! He got a Nintendo DSi . He was so excited. David was as well... he said it was a present for the whole family (which really means David and Alex). He is having his party on Saturday. We are having a bounce house, it will be lots of fun! We love you Alex!!!

20 April, 2009

My brave little soldier

Today Alex had to have another Renal Scan. This is the 4th one he's had. But I have to admit that this one was ALOT easier than the others because he didn't have to have a cathader inserted this time. The cathader is, by far, the worst part of the test. I pleaded with the techs today, and they told me that I would just have to help him hold it for as long as possible. Well, they had to pause the test twice because he had to go. He was a brave trooper. He didn't cry at all, except when the lady was pulling him out of the machine, she didn't she his finger in the way and it got pinched pretty bad. The picture above is his kidneyand his bladder below. As you can see, his right one emptied very quickly and the left one was very slow and stubborn. He was under the x-ray machine for 90 minutes, and the left one never fully empied. We are so grateful that he has one kidney that is working great and that he has never had an infection. Go Alex!

17 April, 2009

Children's Museum visit

Today David is working overtime (14 hours! poor David) so I took the kids to the Children's Museum in Carson City. It's definately was not as good as the other Children's Museums I have been to before, but it was still fun. Alex and Kennedy had a great time going around to each of the stations. Kennedy's favorite was the Smith's store and kitchen. She pushed that cart around with such determination. Alex loved the police station where he liked to put me in jail. That is Alex in the jail with his sad face on. That is also the kids dressed up as a cowboy and Indian. They also had a Keno outfit, which I thought was pretty funny... only in Nevada I guess.

Easter Time

We had such a great Easter this year. The kids were so excited. Alex wanted to practice hidding and finding the eggs over and over again. We had a fun ward egg hunt and breakfast and a great community hunt. The kids loved it! Kennedy thought that she died and went to heaven with all the candy she could grab. That is Kennedy with her new pom-poms, and yes, David got me the Sham-Wow system for Easter! Now we have both the Snuggie and Sham-Wows... Yes! Now I just need the Bump-Its (a hair-boosting product) because I love me some big hair!