26 January, 2009

Shout Out to my Roomies!!!

So I haven't been the best blogger lately and I really don't have an excuse beside I really haven't felt like doing it. We are just hangin' out practicing our moves. I really don't know what that means exactly but, that reminds me that Kennedy is going to be our little dancer. When I have my music on, she starts moving her one shoulder, which looks like a twitch except for the fact that it is in tune with the music. She even does it in her car seat! She's just just chillin. I'm going to train her to be a little hip hopper. Any way, I'm actually really excited that I found my old roomates blogs!!! They were my best friends ever!!! We had the craziest times together. They are the funnest and cutest girls I know. Maybe one of these days we'll get together. I feel bad that we lost touch. I love you guys!