21 February, 2009


So I have been the WORST blogger ever lately! I blame it all on my laziness, and the fact that I have not taken any pictures recently. Are you wondering what the Sorensen crew has been up to lately? Well, we have been TRYING to buy a home. We have put in 3 offers, all to find out that someone else put in a higher offer, and so as David put it, we are a day late and a dollar short! Is this a sign that we should not be buying right now? I have no idea... I guess I have to keep praying until I get an answer. We took the kids sledding yesterday (I can't believe I forgot my camara!). We drove up to Tahoe and found a good sledding place. Kennedy was not happy about having to put all of those big clothes on. She cried if I put her down, so I had to carry her the whole time! Can I tell you how difficult it is to carry her and trudge uphill in the deep snow??? I was dying. Kennedy and I were sledding partners and Alex and David were partners. Alex was by far the better patner than Kennedy. He was having a blast the whole time. Kennedy was in a foul mood and did not want to sled, but I made her anyway. She was silent the whole time and when we were done I'd say "Wahoo! That was so fun! Do you want to go again?" And She'd shake her head NO! Alex was going down the hill by himself on his belly head first, laughing and yelling. He was so fun to watch! I think sledding would be so much more fun if they had a little ski lift for us. Why don't they do that??? Tonight we are having our ward group date night. I always look forward to these. We have such a fun ward. Anyway, I gotta get ready for the gym now... I'll try to be better at posting from now on!