27 March, 2009

Church Ball

Last night was our ward's Church Ball Tournament. David did soooo well! I was very impressed with his skills! Here are some pictures of David in all his glory. He is even wearing new basketball shorts and shoes. As you can see in the pictures, David had no problem at all pushing the other team around... and even to the ground! He had this signature move in which he would jump up to make a basket and he arched his back and curlded his legs behind him! It was very entertaining. His team got all the way to the final game, but lost by one point. David informed me that they cheated! The bottom team is our bishopric's. Great Job guys!!!

The Spectators

These are the Church Ball Spectators. That is my friend Kendall with my kids. The bottom picture was the opposite side of the court. Those 2 cute girls are my friends Jenny and Kjersti. Kendall and I had such fun laughing at our husbands. It's so funny to see all the men get really serious about this tournament. Alex was LOVING it! He was whooping and clapping with the action. We had such a great time!-- I even made the comment that they should do this more often!

26 March, 2009

Two Cheese Heads

Ever since Alex was little, he has always "cheesed" up his photos. Now, Kennedy is doing the same thing. As soon as the camera is pulled out, she gives her most winning smile. This picture was taken while my mom was down from St. George. It was so nice to have her come down. My dad even came down for 2 days. The kids had a blast and David and I were even able to stay at the Peppermill one night. We had a great time. We miss you already mom and dad!

Broken Nose?

Last week, I was pulled out of my gym class and told that Alex and hurt his nose pretty bad. This picture was taken 2 days later, but it was blue and the bruise gradually moved closer to his eye. Alex said that he fell "on the chair" and hit his nose. He acted very tough about the whole thing. The same day, my friend came to my front door and Alex ran out to see who was there. When he turn back to go into the house, he ran right into the door handle and hit his forehead very hard. This has to be such a clumsy age. Hopefully he grows out of it soon, people will start to think that I beat my child!

02 March, 2009


Just a quick side note: Kennedy went poop in the potty this morning!!!! She was so close yesterday, but ended up pooping on the floor instead. Today was the REAL DEAL!! The funny thing is after she pooped, she got up to look at it, and she was scared! I started clapping and high-fiving and then she started to smile and act happy. She is such a funny little girl.