20 April, 2009

My brave little soldier

Today Alex had to have another Renal Scan. This is the 4th one he's had. But I have to admit that this one was ALOT easier than the others because he didn't have to have a cathader inserted this time. The cathader is, by far, the worst part of the test. I pleaded with the techs today, and they told me that I would just have to help him hold it for as long as possible. Well, they had to pause the test twice because he had to go. He was a brave trooper. He didn't cry at all, except when the lady was pulling him out of the machine, she didn't she his finger in the way and it got pinched pretty bad. The picture above is his kidneyand his bladder below. As you can see, his right one emptied very quickly and the left one was very slow and stubborn. He was under the x-ray machine for 90 minutes, and the left one never fully empied. We are so grateful that he has one kidney that is working great and that he has never had an infection. Go Alex!

17 April, 2009

Children's Museum visit

Today David is working overtime (14 hours! poor David) so I took the kids to the Children's Museum in Carson City. It's definately was not as good as the other Children's Museums I have been to before, but it was still fun. Alex and Kennedy had a great time going around to each of the stations. Kennedy's favorite was the Smith's store and kitchen. She pushed that cart around with such determination. Alex loved the police station where he liked to put me in jail. That is Alex in the jail with his sad face on. That is also the kids dressed up as a cowboy and Indian. They also had a Keno outfit, which I thought was pretty funny... only in Nevada I guess.

Easter Time

We had such a great Easter this year. The kids were so excited. Alex wanted to practice hidding and finding the eggs over and over again. We had a fun ward egg hunt and breakfast and a great community hunt. The kids loved it! Kennedy thought that she died and went to heaven with all the candy she could grab. That is Kennedy with her new pom-poms, and yes, David got me the Sham-Wow system for Easter! Now we have both the Snuggie and Sham-Wows... Yes! Now I just need the Bump-Its (a hair-boosting product) because I love me some big hair!