12 July, 2009

Treasure Hunt/ Spook the kids, fun for the parents

We had a treasure hunt for the kids one night. We had my mother-in-law, Joyce, tell the kids a story about some lost treasure and she warned them about bears and the bear poop that uncle Howard had found in the woods behind the cabin. We told them what to do if they ran into a bear. So, needless the say the kids had bears in their head. One stop of the treasure hunt included getting pelted by water balloons as they tried to pass, which I thought was the funniest thing I had ever thought of. And it proved to be a great memory, but the one the takes the cake was when Howard hid in the trees covered with a brown blanket and emerged growling. The kids took off faster than I thought possible and continued to run even though we were busting a gut. The look on little Preston's face was something that I will never forget.
Our family reunion was sooo much fun. It made me really miss having my sisters-in-law living close to me. Good times!

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