29 July, 2009

Happy Birthday David!!!

Today is David's birthday! He is 30 years old!!!! That is OLD! (I shouldn't say that though, because 30 is my next birthday too!) I feel bad because I just remembered it last night! Our calander is packed up and I feel out of it without looking at it everyday. We took him lunch and balloons while he was at work today, though. I'm so lucky that he is my husband. He is so wonderful to me and the kids. We have so much fun together. He is the best! Happy Birthday David!


Groff Family said...

Happy Birthday to David! It's so weird because I just had a dream last night that I went to your house and you were very pregnant and you had the biggest bags under your eyes because David wasn't around to help you. He was in Iraq fighting. I was there when they came to tell you that he had been killed in Iraq. How sad and weird, huh?

Also, I must have missed your post about you guys buying a house. Congrats! I hope it closes for you on Friday like you want. Where is it? Do you have pics? Im miss you!

The Keelers said...

Happy Birthday David! We hope it was a great day!

Danila said...

Happy Birthday! Our families have a lot of birthdays in common. Kennedy's is the same as Jaidyns, and David's is the same as Luhani's. Great days to have birthdays!

Hope you had a terrific one!